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  • Command line, Create SNMP module

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  • newen

    March 22, 2022 at 16:54
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    Hi Im trying to create a module with the cli, and cant get it to work, there is an example in the documentation, but doesnt work, using my values

    perl pandora_manage.pl /etc/pandora/pandora_server.conf --create_snmp_module 'My module' remote_snmp_inc 'My agent' 8080 1 mycommunity myoid 'Module description'

    it gives me this error

    [ERROR] Parameters error: 9 received | 12-41 necessary.

    So the example doesnt have all the parameters needed?

    Also there is a list of parameters in the documentation, I assume that must be placed in order, but what if I dont want to use some of them, just as an example imagina that I dont want to use module_port, how I indicate that that parameter will not be used?

    Parameters: <module_name> <module_kind> <agent_name> <module_address> <module_port> <version> [<community> <oid> <description> <module_group> <min> <max> <post_process> <interval> <warning_min> <warning_max> <critical_min> <critical_max> <history_data> <snmp3_priv_method> <snmp3_priv_pass> <snmp3_sec_level> <snmp3_auth_method> <snmp3_auth_user> <snmp3_auth_pass> <ff_threshold> <warning_str> <critical_str> <enable_unknown_events> <each_ff> <ff_threshold_normal> <ff_treshold_warning> <ff_threshold_critical> <critical_instructions> <warning_instructions> <unknown_instructions>] <use_agent_alias>Parameters: <module_name><module_kind><agent_name><module_address><module_port><version>[<community> <oid><description><module_group><min><max><post_process><interval><warning_min><warning_max><critical_min><critical_max><history_data><snmp3_priv_method><snmp3_priv_pass><snmp3_sec_level><snmp3_auth_method><snmp3_auth_user><snmp3_auth_pass><ff_threshold><warning_str><critical_str><enable_unknown_events><each_ff><ff_threshold_normal><ff_treshold_warning><ff_threshold_critical><critical_instructions><warning_instructions><unknown_instructions>]</unknown_instructions></warning_instructions></critical_instructions></ff_threshold_critical></ff_treshold_warning></ff_threshold_normal></each_ff></enable_unknown_events></critical_str></warning_str></ff_threshold></snmp3_auth_pass></snmp3_auth_user></snmp3_auth_method></snmp3_sec_level></snmp3_priv_pass></snmp3_priv_method></history_data></critical_max></critical_min></warning_max></warning_min></interval></post_process></max></min></module_group></description></oid></community></version></module_port></module_address></agent_name></module_kind></module_name>


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  • vic

    March 22, 2022 at 18:29
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    Hi Newen,

    I have made tests, it is necessary to add more parameters, I attach the execution of the command:

    perl pandora_manage.pl /etc/pandora/pandora_server.conf /etc/pandora/pandora_server.conf --create_snmp_module 'NAME-TEST' remote_snmp_inc 'SNMP' 161 1 network025 . 'Module Desc' 'GeneralGroup' 0 0 0 300

    The necessary parameters are as follows:

    <module_group> <min> <max> <post_process> <interval>

    Anyway I have opened an internal ticket for the documentation team to add these parameters in the wiki example.

    Best regards,


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