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Parámetro Descripción
--timespan In hours (optional), last time period, can be used in a custom run to display data from a time period (optional). 
--metric Name of the metric for custom execution (optional).
--granularity In minutesCombined with timespan will show you the data in intervals (optional). 
--name_module To choose the name of the module in a custom run (optional).
--tentacle_port Tentacle port (default 41121)(optional)
--tentacle_address Ip of the tentacle server to send the data to (optional)
--agent_name To name the agent that will contain the modules, by default: "Azure SQL" (optional).
--prefix_module To prefix the modules in case you want to differentiate them from other executions (optional).
--conf Path of the conf file with the queries (required)
-g,--group Pandora FMS target group (optional)
--data_dir Pandora FMS data directory. By default it is /var/spool/pandora/data_in/ (optional)
--as_agent_plugin It is optional, if you want the plugin to be an agent plugin and put the modules in the pandora agent, execute this with a 1 (optional)