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Configuration in PandoraFMS

As server plugin

Manual installation

Go to servers > plugins:


Click on add:


We put in name and the description that is preferred.

We put as command the execution with the path of the plugin:


Remember that the recommended path for the use of the server plugins is: /usr/share/pandora_server/util/plugin/

And in parameters of the plugin we will introduce these followed by the macro "_field<N>_", the obligatory one for it to work is --conf.

Although it is not mandatory, it is highly recommended the use of the --agent_name parameter, since it allows us to customize the name of the agent that will contain the modules created for each customized query. It is also advisable to use the --prefix_module parameter, because this will allow us to assign a prefix to the modules, which can be useful to recognize them faster and differentiate them if we create several executions for different databases.




Once this is done, we will click on "create".

Once this is done, the only thing left to do is to call it, so we will go to some agent's view and create an add-in module:


We will give it a name and in the section "plugin" we will put the one we have just configured.

Once this is done, click on create.

If the module is shown with 1, it means that it is running correctly.