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Specific parameters

El plug-in cuenta con los siguientes parámetros:

Parámetro Descripción
-u <uri> --u <uri> The connection uri (mandatory)
-s <server> --server <server> For take stats server (cluster)
-d <name_database> --databases <name_database> To take the stats from a database, the one with the name you enter
-a <1> --alldatabases <1> To get the stats from all databases, it is activated with 1
-p <prefix> --prefix <prefix> To name the agents (optional)
-c <1> --collectionstats <1> To activate the stats of the collections in the database, activate with 1 (optional).
-g GROUP, --group GROUP Pandora FMS target group (optional)
--data_dir DATA_DIR Pandora FMS data directory. By default it is /var/spool/pandora/data_in/ (optional)
--as_agent_plugin It's optional, if you want the plugin to be an agent plugin and put the modules in the pandora agent, execute this with a 1 (optional)

Help example: