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Keepalive module doesn’t work for me

Question: According to the last FMS 1.3 beta, I cannot make the visual console show in red when the computer or server is not on or not alive.

Setting in map_builder: Single graph zixzax / agent_keepalive server 320 70 0 0. It’ll show the picture somehow, but it’s supposed to show in red instead of green since I had set the zixzax down/off.

Answer: Keepalive can only be set to “down” where there is NO CONTACT, it’s a very special module (that currently generates about 10% of support questions).

If you have three modules for an agent, for example:

  1. ICMP check.
  2. Four Agent modules.
  3. Keepalive module (by default).

And your agent is down (because machine is dead, for example), the ICMP module is still “working”, and reporting that the machine is down. So, if you have an ICMP check the Keepalive module never goes “DEAD” because there should be at least one module working, so you’ll need to use ICMP check to draw agent info on your map.

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