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How to install a Pandora FMS agent in Ubuntu

First, we must obtain the update package, to do this we access the following URL (you can replace 750 in the URL with the version you want):


We have downloaded the following package: pandorafms_agent_unix-7.0NG.750.tar.gz .

To install the package we access to the path where the file is in a terminal and we execute the following:

[root@Ubuntu ~]# tar -zxvf pandorafms_agent_unix-7.0NG.750.tar.gz
[root@Ubuntu ~]# cd unix/
root@Ubuntu unix]# ./pandora_agent_installer --install

Finally we will have to modify the agent configuration file to point to Pandora FMS server.

[root@Ubuntu unix]# vim /etc/pandora/pandora_agent.conf

We can also edit the name of the agent. Once we have all the changes made, we will have to start the agent process to use the data from the configuration file.

[root@Ubuntu unix]# /etc/init.d/pandora_agent_daemon start

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