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  • Pandora Agent Init Script

    Posted by Jose on May 3, 2023 at 19:35


    In Linux, when the agent is installed, there are two init scripts created:

    – /etc/init.d/pandora_agent_daemon

    – /etc/systemd/system/pandora_agent_daemon.service (systemd unit)

    If I start the agent’s service with /etc/init.d/pandora_agent_daemon start an then when I issue the command systemctl status pandora_agent_daemon.service, the output will tell that the service is inactive.

    How to make systemctl know if the agent is running (even if the agent is executed manually)?

    Sometimes when the agent is no running and I type systemctl start andora_agent_daemon.service, I get the error “Start request repeated too quickly”

    Is there a way to improve the script of the pandora_agent_daemon.service unit, taking into account that the current Linux distributions use systemd to manager services.

    What do you recommend?

    Thanks in advance

    vic replied 11 months, 3 weeks ago 2 Members · 1 Reply
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  • vic

    May 4, 2023 at 18:21
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    Hi Jose,

    We recommend the use of “/etc/init.d/pandora_agent_daemon” to perform actions with the service (start, stop, status or restart).

    Best regards,