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Does Pandora FMS comply with PCI/DSS?

The PCI DSS standard has several requirements:

  1. Secure traffic through encryption and certificates: Pandora FMS, at all levels (user operation, communication between components) supports SSL encryption and certificates at both ends.
  2. Double authentication access system: A double authentication system can be implemented. The first, at the access level (HTTPS) integrated with any opensource token or commercial system. The second authentication, at the application level, is managed by Pandora FMS, which can authenticate against LDAP or AD in the same way, or do it locally.
  3. Security policies in user management: User management is delimited by policies both at the level of user profiles and at the level of visibility profiles of operations, defined such as the Enterprise version Extended ACL system.
  4. Possibility of auditing all the fields and actions on the monitored elements: Pandora FMS, in its Enterprise version, audits all the actions of the users, including the information on the fields altered or deleted. In addition, it includes a validation system by signing these records.
  5. Transmission of audit data to external log managers: Event logs (logs) audit trails are available for export via SQL and allow integration into a third-party source for added security, in near-real time.
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