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Módules generated by the plugin

The plugin will create an agent for the target server. This agent will contain the following predefined modules (if they have been included in the "modules" option in the configuration file):

Average time of SAPGUI response 102
Dialog Logged users 103
SAP Idoc erroneus 104
SAP Dumps 109
SAP List lock 111
SAP Cancel Jobs 113
Number of Update WPs in error 116
SAP Batch input erroneus 121
SAP WP without active restart 150
SAP WP stopped 151
SAP Login OK 160
SYSFAIL, delivery attempts tRFC wrong entries number 192
SYSFAIL, queue qRFC INPUT, wrong entries number 195

The plugin will also create a module for each custom module defined in the configuration file that is called using the --custom_modules parameter.

The list of total available modules that can be included in the customized module monitoring is defined in the attached documentation of the SAP plugin located in the Pandora library, which can be found at the following link: