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Agent Installation

The first step is to download the MS Windows® agent from:

Once the agent is downloaded, run it by double-clicking on él and the language selection screen will appear:


It is a standard MS Windows® installer that will prompt you to follow the steps below. Accept the license and proceed through the different windows of the installer. Select the path where the Pandora FMS agent will be installed (by default it is installed in %ProgramFiles%/pandora_agent). You can change it by pressing Browse…, once correctly indicated press Next:


Wait for the files to be copied. Configure the IP address (or name) of the Pandora FMS server that will receive the agent data and the group to be associated with the agent.


In the next window appears the option to enable the remote configuration. It is important to have it enabled with a 1 to have a copy of the agent in the Pandora FMS server and from there you can add, edit and delete local modules directly from the agent.


To start the agent service at the end of the Pandora FMS agent installation keep selected Run Pandora FMS Agent 7.0NG; otherwise you will have to do it manually, or it will start when MS Windows® is restarted again.


Once this process is finished, the MS Windows® agent is installed, running and reporting on the computer.