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Configuration in PandoraFMS

Para configurar el plugin en PandoraFMS, se deben seguir los siguientes pasos :

1. Upload the plugin to PandoraFMS, for example in the following path:


2. Go to the inventory modules menu and create a new one.


3. Create a new inventory module


The interpreter must be left empty, in script mode, the path to the plugin must be entered.

4. Go to an agent and configure the plugin


The custom fields option must be checked, add the target and an interval, the following custom fields must be added:

  • user: user
  • password: the password (if there is enable it should be specified in this field separated from the password with "/" as in the example),
  • command: The command to launch
  • extra command: if required, otherwise leave blank.

Once these steps are done, the plugin should be added and the result of the command execution will be shown in the agent inventory view: