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Configuration in Pandora

The best way to manage server plugins in Pandora is from "/usr/share/pandora_server/util/plugin" so we will send it by pscp to that path:


If it does not let us run it because we do not have permissions, we must give them with the following command :

chmod 755 pandora_digitalocean

Once this is done, let's proceed to install it in the Pandora console:

Go to servers > plugins:


Click on "add":


We give it a name and, if we want, a description:



We put in plugin command the path in which we have located previously and in parameters what we want to get, as in this case I only want to generate the agents and the address is already configured only put _field1_, if we want to put another address where to save the data generated by the plugin, we would add --data_dir _field2_ in plugin parameters. We will put a description (token, for example) and in default value we will put the token generated before. Once this is done, two agents with their respective modules will have been created.