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What tools do I have to massively deploy agents?

Pandora FMS has the Discovery functionality since 737 version where, in addition to many other functions, Software Agents can be deployed automatically.

Agents Repository

First of all, we will have to have a software agent repository in our environment, for that you will have to:

  1. Go to Configuration -> Software Agents Repository.
  2. Here we will have to add as many software agent repositories, with their different operating system distributions, as we are going to use.

Credentials store

Once we have all of them, we will have to have the credentials store updated, for this you will have to

  1. Go to Configuration -> Credentials store.
  2. Here we should add all the credentials of the machines to which Pandora FMS will have to connect to send and install the packages.
  3. Once we have all of them, we can go to Discovery -> Host & Devices -> Agent Deployment.

We will have to fill in the fields that are asked for, either through a network scan or an IP address, taking into account that the field “IP of the destination server” is the IP to which the software agents will send their XML.

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