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Using the ‘mysql’ and ‘mysqldump’ commands correctly from the command line

I attempted to use several references from the documentation, but there is an error in the documents. In several locations you indicate a root username, but the default SQL user name in your configuration files is pandora.

Always check your current credentials in /etc/pandora/pandora_server.conf.

In some environments credentials could have changed. You should always be able to access MySQL Pandora FMS databases with your Pandora FMS user.

By default, the database should be called pandora, and the user should be pandora, the password will be a random string. This means that commands should look like this:

  • In the MySQL console:
mysql -u pandora -D pandora -p

(and enter pass in console)

  • And to perform a SQL dump (for backups):
mysqldump -u pandora -p pandora> <filename>

(and enter pass in console)

  • See also:


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