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The alerts are executed and you don’t send mail, how do I solve it?

In case you don’t receive the mail you will have to verify several things:

  • That the configuration of the mail is correct.
  • Check where the email has been configured, in the Pandora FMS console or in the server configuration file (it should not be configured in both places because it would form conflicts).
  • If the configuration is correct, it checks the credentials of the email account, in case it has been compromised by a change of password.
  • In case the account is correct, we must check if our email has the permissions to be managed from third party tools.

In case all the above is correct, we will proceed to check the logs in our Pandora FMS server:

  • Review of the log file of Pandora FMS’ server (it is necessary verbosity 10 to show mail errors), inside the log in /var/log/pandora/pandora_server.conf we can find errors of sending mails, according to the error we will have to do some actions or others.
  • If we are using Postfix as a mail server, we will check its log file /var/log/maillog to analyse the possible errors that may occur.

In case we don’t find any apparent errors in the logs, we will have to check if there are any problems of the following types:

  • Name or DNS resolution problems.
  • Firewall / Proxy problems.
  • Connectivity to the mail server.
  • Blocking by SELinux or iptables.
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