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Problems with Pandora FMS Agent for 64-bit Windows®

The agent has been tested in 64-bit environments and works. The problems can be due to two reasons:

  1. Running exec agents, because the binary utils provided by Pandora FMS agent are compiled for 32 bits and sometimes there are problems running under a 64 bits service. Check if with a shell command all the tools you are using (gawk, cut, grep) are working correctly. If not, try replacing it with another executable or find another way to fix the problem.
    • A usual problem in this first case is that Pandora FMS’ binary util  32 bits makes a call to a system program, to the System32. The problem consists in that in that folder are all the programs in its 64 bits version, and every time that a 32 bits application calls automatically to another 64 bits contained in System32, Windows® makes a redirection of that call to the system files of the Wow64 folder, that contains the equivalent version of the program in 32 bits.
    • This may mean that if that program needed to be using the 64-bit version to get the desired result, the query made by the agent will fail.
    • To solve this problem you can resort to either the KB de Microsoft® al respecto, or copying whenever possible, the System32 file together with all the necessary files for its operation to another different folder, and pointing to it when running our application, to avoid the system redirection when the application makes such a call.
  2. Problems in logevent parsing/monitoring. This is due to a missing DLL (PDH.dll). This library should be in C:\windows\system32 o %WINDIR%\system32 . If it is not here, try to copy it from another 64-bit machine. It is not uncommon, looking at Google search hits. It is often removed by some uninstallers.
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