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Pandora FMS Console navigation slow, how to fix it?

A slow navigation in Pandora FMS console usually has two main reasons for review:

  1. Available resources for the HTTP server. The Apache server needs a minimum of available resources to be able to run its threads without problems. Therefore, every time we try to navigate by console we should observe if the HTTP processes consume 100% of CPU or RAM. If so, we must increase the resources to the server. It can also influence the configuration of the php.ini file that must be adjusted with the memory parameters that are being limited. In the case of a PHP limitation, these errors will appear in the Apache logs or in pandora_console.log.
  2. Bottleneck in the MySQL server. In the case that the server has resources to run without problems the http server threads and we do not observe this lack of CPU or RAM, the problem comes from the MySQL server. In its revision we should observe if the server is correctly optimized for the environment where it is running, if there is an overload of the Pandora FMS server, if it has all the threads occupied, reading and writing speed in the disk, etc.

After reviewing these points, we will observe the problem that exists with the MySQL server and the necessary measures should be taken in each case to solve it. Normally the following measures will be taken:

  • Total or partial reconstruction of the database.
  • Migration of the MySQL server to one with more resources.
  • Upgrade MySQL to the latest supported version.
  • Resizing of the environment.
  • MySQL Optimization:




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