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No new installed software agent appears in Console

Things to check:

  • Make sure that in file pandora_agent.conf the token server_ip we have configured correctly the Pandora FMS server IP address.
  • Check the following tokens in the file /etc/pandora/pandora_server.conf:
autocreate 1
autocreate_group XX
  • If this token is enabled and the pandora_agent.conf agent is configured with a fixed group, the server configuration will override the agent configuration.
  • If this token is disabled and the group is not provided in the agent, or the provided group does not exist, the agent data will be discarded. We use Group ID #10 (Unknown) for a default “valid” value, please change according to your own decision.
  • ¬†Make sure that there is connectivity agent with Pandora FMS server or that there are no Firewall restrictions that prevent this communication, remember that the connection is made by the agent on the server through port TCP 41122 (default) of the server.
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