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These are PDFs available to download with detailed information about Pandora FMS and our services.

Pandora FMS Datasheet

Brochure with the essential information to learn all the things Pandora FMS can offer to your company.

Support levels

Description of the different support levels
in Pandora FMS

Application integrations

List of integrations with Pandora FMS

Pandora FMS Architecture

Detailed description of the architecture
of Pandora FMS

Network monitoring

How to monitor your network with Pandora FMS

SAP Monitoring

Pandora FMS for SAP brochure

How to report a bug

Mini guide to explain how to report a bug. This helps to understand how works the process of support.


FAQ: Pandora FMS Frequently Asked Questions

Advantages of the Enterprise version

Why to choose Pandora FMS Enterprise version rather than Opensource

Pandora FMS breaks with the established

Say no to the established monitoring of the big 4

Compliance with the Organic Law for Data Protection

Technical and legal details about the Compliance with the Organic Law for Data Protection (LOPD) of Spain.

Pandora FMS Official Documentation

All Pandora FMS documentation to hand.
You’ll find everything you need in the Documentation section of our community website.

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