• Why monitor with Pandora FMS

It's not about us, it's about you

Stop spending precious time and resources on complex, silo’d monitoring systems that are poorly integrated. Pandora FMS is an elegant and modern system that solves real-world problems quickly. Through a single offering that provides modern and flexible IT monitoring, replacing the need for costly, multiple, difficult-to-integrate monitoring systems.

Insufficient resources

How much time, manpower and money did you invest in order to run your current operation?

Too many tools

Your solution doesn’t cover all the issues you had in mind.

Lack of confidence

It’s possible that your experience with other manufacturers isn’t as good as it could be. Or maybe it’s your team not wanting to accept changes in their daily workflow. In any case, it’s an uncomfortable situation which we’ve seen in other companies and we know we can help you with.

Lack of info

You don’t get the information you want, in the way you want it.

Your needs are our goals

You probably need to maintain several complex architectures which are usually too complex to cope with on a daily basis.


It’s always difficult to adapt to new technologies.

Comfort zone

The people in your company who take care of these technologies are reticent to change.


Your inflexibility makes you, as well as your customers, unhappy.

"Pandora FMS helped us understand that a monitoring system has to be simple yet, at the same time, efficient"
Luciano Zeni Coordinator of the Information Systems Department at the State of Acre Government, Brazil
“Pandora FMS allows us to save costs when compared to other solutions in the same category."
Ignacio Uría Echevarría Head of infrastructures and technological projects, EMT
“Its (Pandora FMS') greatest achievement is that the product can be deployed with the same configuration as the current system, without changing the operative process.".
Kazuhito Fujimaki Head of Managers of Rakuten Group

What makes us different?

Pandora FMS will replace several tools into a single one.

All in one

You will only need one team, one server and one license.

We're here to help

We will help you adapt Pandora FMS to your specific and unique needs.


Pandora FMS allows a faster deployment and setup.


Smaller teams and infrastructures to maintain.

Cost saving

All of this means a (much) better TCO.


A powerful tool for optimum performance

What make us the better choice?

We have a better TCO that other manufacturers, even though we also have more features.

we adapt to
your organization,
not the other way around.


What we do

We don’t just sell software: we sell solutions.

Consulting services

As vendors we offer consulting services both on site and remotely

Official Training

As developers we offer complete training and official certifications (PAT, PAE, PAD, PASP)

Professional Support

We also offer a 24×7 technical support service.

Customized development

Customer’s specific development are integrated in our roadmap and maintained

Outsourced infrastructure

We as vendors, or our partners, can outsource infrastructures.

Save time and money

Provide better services to your customers.

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