What problems does the transport and logistics sector face?

Sector with a very low commercial margin, where efficiency is the main concern.

The need to monitor a variety of devices, machines, servers, trucks, packages, etc.

Different views for a wide range of departments.


Thorough KPI controls to optimize processes.


The need to know the status of the infrastructure, logistics business and products in real time.

Use of multiple, complex and difficult to learn systems created ad hoc for this sector.

Main achievements in the transport and logistics sector

We have managed to combine intelligence with User Experience and business indicators. This allows us to predict deviations based on real data and tackle problems before they affect third parties.

We can monitor real business transactions (Office 365, EDI, AS2, FTP, etc.), integrating warehouse (WMS) and transport system (TMS), offering SLA control at all levels that can be shown to customers in real time.

The versatility of Pandora FMS makes it possible to integrate it in all types of third party embedded systems, combining them in a single control panel. The cost savings compared to other solutions are considerable, both in terms of licenses and implementation costs.

Advantages of Pandora FMS in transport and logistics monitoring


Cost reduction

You can save up to 25% in your operating costs.


Large environments

Monitor fleets of over 1,200 buses and 1,500 trucks.


Real-time monitoring

You will have access to real-time monitoring of the technological infrastructure and business status.

monitorización logística

Issue prevention

Implement inference processes to prevent vehicle problems.


Maximum integration

Integrate complex technologies such as EDI into system monitoring.

Our clients’ experiences

‘Ártica ST offers a top quality technical service, as well as the services to develop modifications or adapt the system to profit from the most commonly used functionalities’.

José Luis Santamaría

CTO, Salvesen Logística

‘With Pandora FMS we have managed to deploy transactional business monitoring in a fast and efficient way. These robots register times, and in the event of deviations, they generate alarms that are duly attended by specialized technicians of our 24/7 UAS’.

Ignacio Uría Echevarría


Some of our clients in this sector

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*For confidentiality reasons, some of our clients are not listed here.

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