The universal software for remote access to your computers

On-Premise solution for remote access to devices

eHorus is an on-Premise solution for remote access to computers. You can use it along with Pandora FMS to monitor on demand by remotely accessing your Windows, Linux or Mac computers.

eHorus + Pandora FMS

With eHorus, you can manage the remote control of all your devices that are monitored with Pandora FMS in a comprehensive way and completely integrated in its interface.

A single tool to control all your equipment

Remote desktop

You can manage it comfortably from your browser, without installing anything else, from a tablet or a mobile phone.


Control services and processes

You can start processes for services conveniently and quickly. You can view CPU consumption by process, memory, and overall system status.

Share access

Temporarily share access to third parties through a URL.

Bi-directional file download

Upload files to your remote machines or download them from your browser in the background, while you are working with the machine.

Windows, Linux and Mac

Agents for all platforms, including BSD.

Remote Shell

Troubleshoot problems much faster from a remote shell. You will have direct access through your browser with Windows, Mac or Linux.

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