• SAP R3 Monitoring

SAP R3 Monitoring

Pandora FMS has a specific, preconfigured solution to monitor all SAP environments (R/3, CRM, SRM, BI, XI/PI, WAS Netweaver, etc.). It also has a default set of monitors that will save us the time needed to perform a daily checklist of the system, and will allow you to send alerts reporting on each event you decide to.

SAP Monitoring

Advantages of Pandora FMS for SAP

The main advantage of the Pandora FMS plugin for SAP is the automatic sending of emails, reports, etc to alert and report at any time to work teams or end-users about the system status, in order to determine the correct action to follow.

There’s no need to install anything on the SAP server (no transports, no add-ons), just create a user on our SAP system. All the development is implemented in the plugin itself, which has been developed by our BASIS and XI/PI team.

Moreover, using the same tool you can monitor systems, databases, and all environments and technologies related with SAP environments.

Some examples of the SAP Monitoring points

  • Average response time
  • System up
  • Workprocess control (SM50)
  • DIA, DGB, UPD, UP2, SPO, ENQ Workprocess wrong
  • Workprocess stopped or without active reset
  • Locking tickets in the system (SM12)
  • Number of wrong batch inputs in the system since the previous day (SM35)
  • Canceled jobs management in the system (SM37)
  • Control of dumps produced in the system (ST22)
  • Control of idocs in the system (WE05)
  • Control of the tablespaces size above 95% (DB02)
  • Tablespaces size % (DB02)
  • Users logged on to the system (AL08)
  • Control in qRFC queues
  • Control of transactional RFC (SM58)

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