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Pandora FMS Product Sheet

Brochure with everything our software has to offer.

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Advantages of the Enterprise version

Why choose the Enterprise version of Pandora FMS instead of Opensource?

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Pandora FMS feature map

All Pandora FMS features gathered in one document.

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Application Integration

List of integrations with Pandora FMS.

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Network Device Monitoring

Discover how to monitor your networks with Pandora FMS.

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Pandora FMS Architecture

Detailed description of Pandora FMS architecture.

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How to report a bug

A brief guide on how to report a bug, and how our support process works.

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Frequently asked questions about Pandora FMS

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Security architecture in Pandora FMS

Security implementation and security architecture components of Pandora FMS.

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SAP Monitoring

Documentation about Pandora FMS specific solutions to monitor any SAP environment.

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Pandora FMS Open vs Enterprise

Comparison between Open vs Enterprise versions of Pandora FMS.

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Pandora FMS Enterprise vs NMS

Comparison between Enterprise vs NMS versions of Pandora FMS.

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All Pandora FMS features

All Pandora FMS features in one PDF: server monitoring, networks, applications, UX, business processes, services, etc.

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LOPD Compliance

Legal and technical details of the level of compliance to the Spanish Organic Law on Data Protection (LOPD).

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Pandora FMS breaks with the norm

Discover why it is a better monitoring solution than the ones offered by the Big Four companies.

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Pandora FMS Official documentation

We put all the official Pandora FMS documentation at your disposal. For more information, you can visit the Community section of our web.

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