• Plugin Monitoring

Plugin Monitoring

All Pandora FMS Professional versions provide a wide catalog of monitoring tools for enterprise technologies. This system gives you the opportunity to adapt our plugins to your specific needs. Access to Pandora FMS Enterprise plugins is included with the MSP and NMS Enterprise licenses. We know of over 200 technologies monitored with Pandora FMS.

Monitor exactly what you want

Too much information causes operational blindness that slows processes down and can make getting to the root problem an administrator’s nightmare. Our philosophy is to let you monitor exactly the elements that affect your business rather than providing hundreds of metrics “out-of-the-box”. But you can go further, by creating your own plugins or letting us do it for you.

As opposed to the Community Edition plugins, Enterprise Edition plugins are accompanied by extensive documentation, and have been thoroughly verified and tested by our support team; as well as backed up by our customers’ experience. Get the monitoring system you need thanks to the wide array of features Pandora FMS provides.

Design your own plugin

It’s easy to design and use a plugin on Pandora FMS, since it has been built following an Open Source philosophy, that allows users to incorporate new features and/or data exchange with third-parties: APIs, Console extensions, local Plugins, inventory Plugins, remote Plugins, net monitoring, external commands from the Satellite: a single framework to adapt Pandora FMS to your organization, not the other way round.

Get more information about our development training (PAD) in our training section.

Other vendors offer plugins “as is” which are not easily customizable or adaptable to your needs.

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