Welcome to your Pandora FMS Trial

Welcome to Pandora FMS Enterprise!

You are going to try a fully functional Pandora FMS Enterprise trial version. Along this process, your sales technician will be the contact person for both technical and sales related questions. Pandora FMS Enterprise trial version is fully functional for 30 days.

Fully functional trial version Free for 30 days Limited to 100 agents.

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Minimum requirements

4GB de memoria RAM icono   

4GB of RAM memory.

30GB de disco icono   

30GB of disk.

Entorno virtual o físico icono   

Virtual or physical environment.

First steps

Installation and commissioning guide

Videotutorials: first steps

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Pandora FMS basic concepts

How to install Pandora FMS

Resources to help you

Welcome and boot information for the trial version in self-installing ISO format

View PDF

Product sheet

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Feature map

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Additional downloads (Agents, other versions)

More information

Security architecture

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Public success stories

More information

Complete step-by-step installation guide

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Official Pandora FMS workshops

More information

We also offer you technical comparatives with other products and we have a lot of experience with RFP’s, so please ask us for technical support if you need it to fully evaluate the potential of Pandora FMS.  

Remember that our team will be at your entire disposal to help you try it and provide all technical support if you need it.

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