Pandora FMS Roadmap

We have been working since 2004 to improve Pandora FMS step by step. We envisage monitoring in a very special way since we want to unify all types of monitoring in a single solution that is integrated, scalable and homogeneous. You will see in our Roadmap the evolution that we foresee for Pandora FMS for the coming years and the long way that we have already come with our versions until present time.

graphic roadmap of pandora fms featured updates

Updates and Releases

Pandora FMS is a powerful professional monitoring solution that is constantly evolving. Given that we listen to our clients, we keep on adding new features to our product, as well as fixing fails and bugs. By the end of 2017, we decided to abide by our new Rolling Release philosophy, which entails for Pandora FMS NG (7.0) to be the only stable version, without major future versions. From version NG on, all changes are progressive. In 2019, we took a step further yet and added a fixed-and-regular update policy, by setting the last Tuesday or Wednesday of every month as the day when we would release an update, and up until now we have kept our word a 100% of the times. Of course, exceptionally, we always provide emergency security patches if the need arises.

What improvements does Pandora FMS 7.0 include?

Predictive monitoring

We have added improvements in predictive monitoring, including a more convenient configuration method.

Intelligent Satellite Server

This new architecture component is capable of detecting network topologies, running thousands of simultaneous SSH checks on UNIX systems (agentless), and collecting inventory information automatically, without prior configuration.

Up-to-date and more visual dashboards

New widgets such as gauge indicators, bar graphs, real-time numerical data, pie charts and visual enhancements in combined graphs have been introduced in this version.

Massive modification

We have added a massive modification tool for remote plugins, a very useful feature for large implementations.

Next challenges

Scaled database (big data)

Do you need to store massive amounts of data in order to have a history of the last ten years and generate reports? We want to implement a fully autonomous horizontal data scaling system without giving up the advantages of having everything in a SQL Backend.

Connected to the cloud

We are one step away from connecting Pandora FMS with your cloud provider to manage, deliver and monitor your own cloud infrastructure.

Log collection and correlation

We will extend our functionalities with an external correlation engine that carries out the collection of logs and processes them as big data. With this improvement, it will be possible to use real-time alerts under aggregated conditions (boolean, frequency, generic scoring algorithms, etc.) on unstructured data.

Real-time network analysis

Network probes have become obsolete: they provide low-level information and are useless for troubleshooting. This is why we want to integrate the use of native network analysis probes in Pandora FMS. Thus, locating hardware and network configuration problems will be easier, and it will be possible to connect them with the rest of monitored elements.

Enhanced Satellite Server and Recon Server

We will implement improvements in the Satellite Server and the Recon Server in order to carry out a better self-discovery of network topology, infrastructure monitoring and inventory information.

TR-069 management

We want to integrate automatic configuration and management of CPE devices, monitoring them in an integrated way and managing thousands of devices on a large scale.

IT Automation


Deployment of applications


Automated systems management


Changes in the configuration


Personal solution: no need for integration with third-party solutions

IT Automation Deployment of Featured Applications

Integrated in the monitoring


Centralized operations


Conditional deployment


Based on the same monitoring agents

Remote deployment of agents


Installers generated on demand (MSI)


Distribution and configuration of agents in massive deployments


Linux and Windows


Remote update for agents

Application Performance Management

We offer integrated monitoring of your code using APIs to obtain real-time metrics and correlation with the system metrics. This will allow you to better integrate DevOps with IT operations.

Pandora FMS Featured CMDB Integrated Monitoring Management Chart

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