• Net Monitoring with Pandora FMS

    Efficiently monitor your net with out-of-the-box tools

Net monitoring with Pandora FMS

Our out-of-the-box complete toolset for all your network monitoring needs is proven to be one of the most flexible ones on the market. This flexibility allows integrations form most any third party application or plugin, making Pandora FMS much more than just monitoring software. Inside Pandora FMS’s distribution you’ll find the following network tools:

  • Automatic network discovery: discover all the components on your network, including those thought to be lost
  • Network sniffer: analyze and understand all the processes going on in your network.
  • Inventory: for network element management and administration
  • Log collector: store and later consult logs from your devices and applications.

Apart  from all this, you can integrate all of your networks, systems and business processes on a single monitoring dashboard, and tweak it to your specific needs.
Discover how your company works, in all aspects

Why choose Pandora FMS?

Choosing an adequate product for your organization is not something simple, and normally it’s not something you want to do every year. Having to upgrade or change your software is the most resource costly event in most companies because it demands employee knowledge and time, apart from readapting all your processes upon each renewal. For this reason, you should put your money on the product which best adapts to your actual needs, and that at the same time can grow alongside you and your company during many years.

It’s for this reason that it’s safe to say that Pandora FMS is more than just a mere compilation of network tools. 

Pandora FMS is the solution that can give you a single complete view of all your systems, networks, servers and applications.

Plus, thanks to our decade of experience, we understand your company and integrate a custom view of your business activity; because every business is something unique.

Want to know more about our monitoring system?

We’d be delighted to show you Pandora FMS at work and to tend to any questions. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We’ll never sell or give your private data to third parties or companies.