• MSPE Edition

Built for MSPs

The MSPE edition allows MSPs to offer monitoring as a service (MaaS) to customers from a single point. With unparalleled horizontal scalability, customizable reporting and dashboard engines, self-provision capabilities and built-in Multitenancy workflows, it uniquely enables new services for MSPs to offer to their customers.

It delegates the administration of the systems to the customers, while protecting the key points of the infrastructure from the MSP side. It also grants 24×7 operation over the monitored customer´s infrastructure, and offers specific views of, and reports from, key parts of the infrastructure, allowing every client to see the information they want, in the way they want.

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How does it work?

The MSPE edition relies on Metaconsole, a component designed to operate with large volumes of endpoints (or agents). The MSPE license is included in Pandora FMS Enterprise licenses with coverage of more than 2000 devices. To cover fewer devices two licenses are required: an Enterprise license, and the additional MSPE license. An MSPE license usually works with several Pandora FMS Enterprise instances, each one with their own Enterprise license.


In addition to the features of Pandora FMS, we offer specific training for SaaS/MSP environments (PAD & PASP programs), as well as professional services that allow the initial deployment and setup to be done in minimal time and with maximum performance.

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