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Web Monitoring

Using a “session recorder” that captures clicks and mouse movements, a whole session can be later reproduced without advanced user experience. For more heterogeneous environments, more advanced web monitoring solutions can be implemented.

For every scenario you will be able to monitor real transactions that involve the use of different technologies: Java, Flash, Ajax, JavaScript, Dynamic Contents, etc. This implies a lot more than just passively checking an HTTP port and waiting for a response. You will maintain open sessions, sending values and comparing responses from the server to expected parameters.

You will be able to deploy monitoring probes onto any point of your infrastructure, measuring the transaction speeds at different points, both inside and outside your network.

Pandora FMS integrates and processes this raw data, enabling your organization to generate reports, integrate with technical dashboards, and also include part of the information on business-oriented dashboards.

Your website's down and your customers are on the phone

With Pandora FMS real transactional monitoring is possible. The Enterprise version relies on a real web browser (i.e. Internet Explorer or Chrome) with real extensions (Java, Flash) to navigate within your web applications and reproduce what the real user is experiencing, always staying a step ahead to detect service failures or delays.

If necessary, we can even monitor desktop applications as part of transactional monitoring, simulating a real operator “pushing buttons”. But don’t take our word for it, give it a try. No matter how tricky or dynamic your architecture may be, we can shine a light into its farthest reaches.

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