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Monitoring service for MSP

If you are an MSP that provides a 24/7 service to your customers for support, monitoring, administration, and management of infrastructure and operation, Pandora FMS is the perfect solution for you.

Pandora MSPE is a specific version for MSPs, designed to work in environments that need to have high scalability and operate with different tenants on the same platform. Our biggest implementation is for 15,000 agents, but Pandora version 6 can work without problems with up to 100,000 agents allowing use of the same installation for all your customers, without needing to worry about scaling.

You will provide custom views for each customer, you’ll even delegate the administration and operation to them, or do it yourself as part of a premium service. Also you can define the checks to offer so they can automatically apply monitoring to their infrastructure.

Pandora MSPE provides APIs and command line utilities to allow you to implement automatic provisioning mechanisms, accounting, audit of usage and other operations that are easily integrated with your business processes. You can use Pandora as a basic tool to complement your Operation service.

We offer special training for MSPE implementations and a specific training course for developers, if you need to create low-level integrations with your business processes. We put our expertise at your disposition to adapt Pandora MSPE.

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