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Our projects

We offer the implementation of Pandora FMS projects to guarantee the outcomes demanded by our clients. No alarms, no surprises. Working with the client, we make sure that Pandora FMS is 100% tailored to their needs. Ártica TS, the company behind Pandora FMS, offers its services as the vendor to ensure quality during the project’s implementation process. You can work directly with the client or with other integrators. We also have a highly qualified network of partners with experience in complex integration projects.

“We highly appreciate Rworks’ prompt response. Full-scale introduction starts now, and we place high expectations on Rworks’ support. In particular, we want Rworks to support us with what we cannot handle by ourselves”. Mr. Nemoto, Chief of Operation and Shared Infrastructure groups for Rakuten."
Mr. Nemoto, Chief of Operation and Shared Infrastructure groups of Rakuten
“We are confident in Pandora FMS and it has not disappointed us at any time”
Mr. Michalis Kamprianis Head of IT Applications and Projects at G4S Greece

How we do it

Our technical team can participate in the entire process: situation analysis, requirement validations, implementation (with or without the help of your company’s technical staff) and finally, offering the official training, to make your team capable of responding to any incident on its own.
We have prior experience in large implementation projects and with migrations from other solutions. We know that these are very delicate and complex projects that usually require small integration developments. Having the direct implication of the product’s developer with your entrepreneurial project is always a guarantee for success.