Why operate your platform when we can do it for you?

Training people up to use your technology is costly. Maybe you already have qualified personnel but don’t want to contract your own operators or be obligated to maintain your monitoring infrastructure. Why not let someone with years of experience do it?

Cost savings

ROI from day 1


Immediate response to problems

8x5 or 24x7 operation service

We offer both 8×5 or 24×7 operation service, using the software either at your premises (onPremise) or 100% as a service. In both cases we install and operate the system on your behalf.

Designing the operation procedures is a collaboration between the client and the supplier, where we employ all our know-how and our years of experience.

Control panels, reports, and alerts all available for your staff.

Extend the range of your monitoring on demand simply by petitioning the operations team.

All services in English and/or Spanish.