Setting up the double authentication for a user account

Quick guide to setup the two step authentication

The double authentication standard has positioned itself as one of the better options to improve security when applied to user accounts. Since version 6.0, Pandora FMS comes with this feature, using an integration of a Google solution called Google Authenticator.


To use this feature, it must be enabled in the authentication section of the global setup.

It's also necessary to install the code generator application on one of your mobile devices. To know where and how you should download it, go here:


You will find the option in your user's setup options.

Click on it and a box with information about the feature should appear. Afterwards, click the continue button and accept the prompted dialog, you will reach the code generation step. Introduce the code into the code generator application mentioned earlier.

There are two ways to create a new item on the application.

  • Manual Entry: You should introduce the alphanumeric code provided by Pandora FMS and the item name.
  • Scan Barcode: scan the QR code provided by Pandora FMS and the item will be created automatically.

Advance to the next section, after confirming the new dialog, and finalize the process by validating a code provided by the generator app.

If the code is valid, the setup will have ended. You can close the box and from now onward double authentication will be required after logging on correctly into Pandora FMS.

If the code is invalid, you should make another attempt or restart the activation by simply closing the prompt box.


Select the option to disable this feature and a confirmation message appears .

Another option is to contact a Pandora FMS administrator and do it this way.

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