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-====== 9.Tentacle protocol specifications ====== 
-[[Pandora:Documentation_en|Go back to Pandora FMS documentation index]] 
-====== About Tentacle ====== 
-Tentacle is a client/server file transfer protocol that is: 
-  * Safe by design. 
-  * Easy to use and integrate with other tools. 
-  * Versatile and cross-platform. 
-Tentacle was created to replace more complex tools like SCP and FTP for simple file transfer/retrieval, and switch from less safe authentication systems like **.netrc**, as well as automated interactive logins with **expect**, and SSH keys, to start using a certification based on the standard X.509, using certificates. 
-The client and server are designed to be run from the command line or called from a shellscript. Since [[https://pandorafms.com/blog/good-old-style-documentation-manpages/|2008]], Tentacle is the default file transfer method for Pandora FMS, replacing SCP.  
-Tentacle is implemented in Perl and ANSI C (Windows platforms included). 
-You can download it and find more information at the [[http://tentacled.sourceforge.net|official Sourceforge project website]]. 
-====== Documentation ====== 
-  * [[Pandora:Documentation_en:Tentacle:UserGuide|**Tentacle User Guide GNU/Linux**]] 
-  * [[Pandora:Documentation_en:Tentacle:WindowsGuide|**Tentacle Windows Guide**]] 
-  * [[Pandora:Documentation_en:Tentacle:Protocol|**Tentacle Protocol Definition**]] 
-  * [[Pandora:Documentation_en:Tentacle:OpenSSLCertificates|**OpenSSL Certificates Quick Guide**]] 
-  * [[Pandora:QuickGuides_EN:Secure_communication_with_tentacle|**Secure communication with tentacle**]] 
-  * [[Pandora:Documentation_en:Tentacle:CrossCompoling|**Cross-compiling the Windows client from Linux**]] 
-[[Category: Tentacle]]