Terms Glossary of the Metaconsole

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Glossary of Metaconsola Terms

Basic and Advanced Accesses

Accesses that are given to users, to the module components and the alerts.

Users with basic access will only could use the components and alerts of this level.

Users with advanced access will could use the components and alerts of any level.

On the other hand, the Advanced components type will be more configurable than the Basic type.

  • It will be possible to change the name
  • Showing the configuration of the actions in the alerts. In the basic type, the alerts will be created with the actions by default.
  • More fields will be shown in its edition: Advanced fields, as for example, unities´macros in case of the local components or from network type plugin, …


A component is a template to create one module

It can be:

  • Local
  • From Network
    • Network type
    • Plugin type
    • WMI type


Pandora FMS normal installation, configured to it could be accessed through the Metaconsole and optionally, to replicate its events to the Metaconsole.


Pandora FMS special installation that is made up of agents, modules and alerts from the Instances

The Metaconsola also store their own data:

  • Some of them are configurations that are used to visualize data that it gets from the Instances as reports, network maps and netflow
  • Others are data that is created and stored in the Metaconsole, but they should be synchronized with the Instances as users, groups, components and alerts


Assistant to create modules.

Using the module components and the alert templates, it will be possible to create modules of different types in the Instances in an easy and transparent way. In the wizard the different instances are not distinguished. All agents and modules will be shown mixed as if they come from the same source.

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