Upgrades and updates

Warp Update (Update Manager)

If you have version 762 (or earlier) installed, use Update Manager.

  • You will need to be connected to the Internet from your Pandora FMS Console.
  • Warp Update will contact our servers to find the latest version available (on Sourceforge). It will send anonymous statistical usage data (number of Agents).
  • The updates are automatic and in 99% of the cases it should work properly, although there is no guarantee that it will.
  • You may also update offline if the PFMS server to be updated is in a restricted and/or limited environment.

Warp Update Online

  • In order to update through Warp Update online, you must be registered.
  • Warp Update will connect to our servers and analyze what updates are needed.
  • If it is up to date, it will show the active version in progress, without the need to carry out any other actions.

Warp Update Offline

Enterprise versionFor Enterprise environments you may upgrade offline. Contact the support department to download the files.

Once downloaded, go to the menu ►Warp UpdateWarp Update Offline and click ♦Browse it (there is also the option to drag and drop the file).

Applying offline patches may deem your console unusable, we recommend you to completely backup your files before applying any patches.

* Once you download the patch, access the menu Warp Update > Warp Update Offlne and click on Browse it to selectthe file.

  • Click on the green icon located on the lower right corner to continue. Your Pandora FMS server will be up to date.

If you upgrade offline from version 768 to 769 and use CentOS 7 with your PFMS server, set the memory_limit token to 1G (one gigabyte) in the php.ini file. For example, you may use the following instruction:

sed -i -e "s/^memory_limit.*/memory_limit = 1G/g" /etc/php.ini

Save and restart the Apache service with systemctl restart httpd.

Warp Update Journal

Go to ►Warp UpdateWarp Update Journal menu to find out the updates made, version, date and time of application, user who requested and applied it, etc.

Warp Update Setup

Enterprise version: Contact support before changing any of the following fields:

  • Warp Update URL.
  • Use secured Warp Update.
  • Proxy server.
  • Proxy port.
  • Proxy user.
  • Proxy password.
  • Allow no-consecutive patches: It allows non-consecutive updates to be installed. Disabled by default and it is the recommended option.
  • Limit to LTS updates: It allows you to update only long-term versions (LTS).

Manual Update

  • Pandora FMS is divided into three main elements: console, server and database (open source version).
  • In Enterprise installations, the process will take a few more steps.
    • Enterprise Web Console (extended console features).
    • Enterprise Server (extended server featues).
    • Database (additional Enterprise charts).
  • Updates will always include console changes, sometimes server changes(minor updates), and once in a while database changes (major updates).

Update a minor version

1. Back up the database. E.g.:

mysqldump -u root -p pandora> backup_pfms_X.Y.sql

2. Back up the config files: pandora_server.conf, config.php and pandora_agent.conf.

3. Back up server and agent plugins, at:


4. Stop the following services: pandora_server, tentacle_serverd, httpd, pandora_agent and mysqld.

5. Proceed to update.

6, Remember to restart the serveces you stopped at step 4.

From RPM packages

Download the following version to the one you have installed:

  • Open Source console update:
rpm -U pandorafms_console*.rpm
  • Enterprise versionEnterprise console update:
rpm -U pandorafms_console_enterprise_package.rpm
  • Open Source server update:
rpm -U pandorafms_server*.rpm
  • Enterprise versionEnterprise server update with tar.gz:
tar -xvzf pandorafms_server_enterprise_package.tar.gz
cd pandora_server
./pandora_server_installer --install
  • Software Agent update:
rpm -U pandorafms_agent*.rpm

You may find out which version you have installed at any time, before or after the installation by executing the command:

rpm -qa | grep -i pandora

From Tarball / Sources

  • Go to https://firefly.pandorafms.com/pandorafms/ and download the following version to the one you have installed.
  • Replace package by the downloaded version name and yourconsolepath by the full path of the installed console.
  • Open Source console update:
tar xvzf pandorafms_console_'package'.tar.gz
cd pandora_console
./pandora_console_upgrade -p /'yourconsolepath'
  • Versión EnterpriseEnterprise console update:
tar xvzf pandorafms_console_enterprise_'package'.tar.gz
cd pandora_console
./pandora_console_upgrade -p /'yourconsolepath'
  • Open Source server update:
tar xvzf pandorafms_server_'package'.tar.gz
cd pandora_server
./pandora_server_upgrade --upgrade
  • Versión EnterpriseEnterprise server update:
tar xvzf pandorafms_server_enterprise_'package'.tar.gz
cd pandora_server
./pandora_server_upgrade --upgrade
  • Software agent update:
tar xvzf pandorafms_agent_'package'.tar.gz
cd pandora_agent
./pandora_agent_installer --force-install

Major release update

Version 7.0 NG Rolling Release

It is always recommended to update the console through Update Manager. If you the console is outdated, the Web Console will show a warning message with the title Minor release/s available.

To solve this issue, go into the server by means of the shell to the server where Pandora FMS console is located at and go to the directory:

cd /var/www/html/pandora_console/extras/mr

Within that directory another directory called updated. will appear. There you may save all applied MRs and outside of it those that are not applied, Execution example of file 1.sql (MR 1):

cat 1.sql | mysql -u root -p pandora

Once the SQL has been applied to the databse, move them to the updated directory.

mkdir -p updated
mv 1.sql updated/

Then update the MR value within MySQL tconfig table:

mysql -u root -p pandora> use pandora;> update tconfig set value= XX where token='MR';

To find out which MRs should be applied, click on the following link.

Automatic update with Update Manager

  • You must have access to the Internet in the Web Console and in Pandora FMS server.
  • Access the menu Update managerUpdate manager online.
  • Pending updates will be shown as well as the current console version.
  • if there are any updates, click Ok to install them.
  • Some of the updates entail database modifications. Should that be the casem click on Apply MR.
  • Click Ok to finish the update process.

Enterprise online updates

Unlike Open updates, these have some additional characteristics:

  • 100% tested by our in-house development team, so you can take advantage of the latest updates (even hours after opening an incident, in some cases).
  • Specific updates (incremental) that only update out-of-date elements, without downloading heavy packages.
  • It allows offline updates, downloading packages from the support page, for Pandora FMS installations that do not have an Internet connection (for security reasons).

Versión Enterprise.

In order to be able to use Update Manager in the Enterprise version, first properly configure said software for updates, which has its very own section in the Update managerUpdate manager options menu.

Open Source online updates

The process is similar to that of the Enterprise version but without the additional licence check step.

Enterprise offline updates

Enterprise versionOffline Pandora FMS updates can also be downloaded, which have .OUM extensions. Go to the official Pandora FMS support page to download them.

Offline patch appliance can render your console unsusable, it is recommended to previously back up.

  • Access the menu Update manager > Offline and click Browse it to select the downloaded OUM file.
  • Click on Click on file for install.
  • The update will be applied following the same operations flow as that of the online process, showing the corresponding dialogues to the Console and the database updates, in case it suffered any changes

In case of updating an installation with High Availability (HA), it will be necessary to take into account what is indicated in this section.

Additional PHP engine configuration for Update Manager

For Open Update Manager to run correctly, reserved memory must be set to 800 Mb in the php.ini file:

memory_limit = 800M    ; Maximum amount of memory a script may consume

To find out the location of the file php.ini execute:

php -i | grep php.ini


From RPM packages

  • Open Source console update:
rpm -i --force pandorafms_console_package.rpm
  • Enterprise console update:
rpm -i --force pandorafms_console__enterprise_package.rpm

From Tarball/Sources

  • Open Source console update:
tar -xvzf pandorafms_console_package.tar.gz
mv --force ./pandora_console/* /yourconsolepath
  • Enterprise console update:
tar -xvzf pandorafms_console_package.tar.gz
mv --force ./enterprise /yourconsolepath