• Integrators and managed service providers (MSPs)

Issues facing integrators and MSP


Connecting to inaccessible networks or environments where agent installation is unviable.

Lack of homogeneity in systems and infrastructures.

Segmentation in terms of clients and type of service offered.


Need for a support that permits automated provisioning and displays personalized views for each client.

Monitor networks from different regions and licensees, and classify everything in the same tool.

Need for scaleable systems which can integrate huge networks quickly.


MSPs have benefitted greatly by using Pandora FMS to offer widespread infrastructure monitoring to their clients, all through a single console: the Metaconsole. Public and private national institutions, operating large networks, are also monitored using Pandora FMS; its flexibility enables even the monitoring of individual user experiences when accessing client-sector websites.

Benefits of implementing Pandora FMS in integrators and MSPs

Monitoring inaccessible networks

Via Satellite Server and agents in proxy or broker mode, it’s possible to monitor inaccessible networks and devices which don’t permit agents, and with no compromise in security.

Monitoring large environments

Pandora FMS is capable of monitoring environments with over 15,000 devices.

Client satisfaction

Improved client satisfaction and cost reductons in MSP companies deploying Pandora FMS.

100% customizable

Pandora FMS’s customizability translates into the ideal tool for administering large and distributed environments; ACLs for groups and user roles, configurable skins, dynamic data visualizing, multi-format automated reports and alert escalation.

A few of our clients in the sector

"Being a small player in the sector means we often can't invest in expensive commercial products. Pandora FMS is just what we were looking for".
Glen Eustace Director of Godzone Internet Services.
"Pandora FMS brings us closer to our resellers and our final users, allowing us to offer a next-generation service. We consider Pandora FMS to be an indispensable product for our growth and evolution".
Morten Kolind CEO, Rantek A/S

Some of our clients


*For reasons of confidentiality, not all our clients are listed.