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What’s new in Pandora FMS?

Our engineers and community users are constantly reviewing Pandora FMS. Every new version that we release strives to benefit each and every one of our customers according to their needs. This is why all your proposals are welcome and considered for inclusion in future versions. You can download all the news about features and changes in the latest versions and updates of Pandora FMS below.

Version Date Download
Notes v 7.0 NG 705 Jun 2017
Notes v 7.0 NG 704 Jun 2017
Notes v 7.0 NG 703 May 2017
Notes v 7.0 NG Mar 2017

Previous versions

Notes v 6.0

Version Date Download
Notes v 6.0 SP5 Jan 2017
Notes v 6.0 SP4 Nov 2016
Notes v 6.0 SP3 Jun 2016
Notes v 6.0 SP2 Apr 2016
Notes v 6.0 SP1 Jan 2016
Notes v 6.0 Oct 2015