What problems do the insurance and banking sectors face?

Very competitive business, very dependent on its online channel.
Massive amount of data generated by transactions and users.
Vast product suite to serve employees and customers.
Large number of transactions carried out through long and complex business processes.
Very heterogeneous systems with legacy technologies and groupings of different products and manufacturers.
A large number of branches distributed worldwide in both the insurance and banking sectors.
Main Pandora FMS achievements in insurance and banking
We have managed to replace complex solutions such as HP Openview, and combine BMC Patrol and SCOM monitoring in a single tool.
In addition, we succeeded in monitoring complex business processes, such as insurance contracts and the calculation of user experience transactions, both in customer portals and in internal applications used by employees.
We have also reduced license costs by 92%, and installed more than 8,000 agents, monitoring different technologies like Windows, Linux, Mainframe and other systems.

Advantages of using Pandora FMS in the insurance and banking sector


Management of ACLs

It will allow you to offer each department an isolated view of the rest of the data, from the technical department or from the control and management departments.

User experience

You will be able to measure the main processes of your business.

Process management

You will have access to complex processes, such as fully monitored insurance hiring at business level.

Cost savings

Reduce your licensing costs by up to 75%.
insurance and banking monitoring

All in one

You can integrate heterogeneous systems in the same tool (Mainframe, Oracle, IBM Websphere, WebLogic, SAP, etc.).

Global monitoring

Monitor the different offices and their applications.

Maximum integration

Integrate your monitoring with ticketing and helpdesk tools.

Full control

Control and monitor your website at the network, server and transactional levels.

Our clients’ experiences in insurance and banking sectors

‘The superior flexibility that Pandora FMS offers, is invaluable. Pandora FMS enables Conferma to monitor bespoke software and key database information, which is essential for the nature of our operations’. Rik Kay

Network Security Administrator at Conferma

‘Pandora FMS has allowed us to reduce costs in comparison with other existing solutions in the market’. Mariano Díaz Valdecantos

Architecture and Operations at Cajasol

Some of our clients in this sector

*For confidentiality reasons, some of our clients are not listed here.

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