• Insurance and banking sector

Issues facing banking and insurance

Our clients in the sector have to deal with these various issues.

A competitive marketplace with emphasis on online channels.

A large volume of transactions executed during complex negotiations.

Managing massive amounts of data.

Composite systems incorporating legacy software and integrations from distinct products and manufacturers

Overseeing a wide range of products to provide services to employees and clients.

Numerous branches covering national and international areas.


Lighter, more integrated solutions like Pandora FMS offer an alternative to heavy, composite solutions such as HP OpenView, as well as consolidating the functions of software such as BMC Patrol and SCOM. With Pandora FMS it’s possible to monitor complex business processes like contracting an insurance policy, or to provide data on user experiences during transactions, whether from the client’s portal or from internal business applications.

What’s more, even after licensing cost downsizing of 92%, it’s been possible to deploy over 8000 agents in a single installation, to monitor diverse technologies such as Windows, Linux, Mainframe and other systems.

Benefits of using Pandora FMS

What has Pandora FMS contributed to companies in the banking and insurance sectors?

Total control

Of web monitoring, at network, server and transaction level.

User experience

Get measurable user-experience metrics throughout business processes.

Process management

Monitor complex business processes, such as contracting an insurance policy.

Cost savings

Up to 75% licensing discount.


Integrate composite systems in a single tool (Mainframe, Oracle, IBM Websphere, WebLogic, SAP, etc.)

360° Monitoring

Monitor all your branches, plus the applications they are running.

ACL management

Each department, technical or managerial, receives its own relevant data.

100% Integration

Integrate Pandora FMS with your existing ticketing and helpdesk.

Customer experiences

“Our platform has 250 servers with applications used by 6000 internal clients and by millions of external costumers. We must reduce the time we employ solving issues.”
Mariano Díaz Valdecantos Architecture and Operations, Cajasol.
“The superior flexibility Pandora FMS offers is invaluable. Pandora FMS enables Conferma to monitor bespoke software and key database information which is essential for the nature of our operations”.
Rik Kay Security Network Administrator at Conferma
“A system like Pandora FMS allow us to save costs when comparing with similar solutions”
Mariano Díaz Valdecantos Architecture and Operations, Cajasol

Some of our clients in the sector


*For reasons of confidentiality, not all our clients are listed.