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Finding solutions

Our clients in the healthcare sector face complicated situations. We’re helping them to solve some.

The need to adapt and evolve to new technologies and new IT implantations.

Solutions which adapt and grow with the sector.

Monitoring critical health services requires robust tools.

User-friendly tools which allow small IT teams to be auto-sufficient.

Solving scalability problems when it’s necessary to expand the network.

Helping older technology integrate seamlessly into newer architecture.


A number of hospitals internationally are now monitored by Pandora FMS, with a total of over 600 agents deployed over 20,000 monitors, facilitating the complete overview of a network from a single console. Pandora FMS also provides a complete monitoring service for healthcare call centers, improving their efficiency. Furthermore, new healthcare centers have been incorporated to the monitoring system, without upsets or complications.

How Pandora FMS has benefitted its clients

Cost reduction

Service costs reduced by up to 20%.

All-in-one tool

Pandora FMS consolidates various in-house and commercial products to create an all-in-one tool, giving technical and managerial personnel a single solution to their monitoring requirements.

Time savings

Incident resolution and response times have been shortened.

Stress-free growth

New centers can be seamlessly integrated into an already-existing network.

Client experiences

“Over nearly two decades, the health center has used a plethora of IT monitoring tools, but none that met the facility's needs. Integrating monitoring data from disparate IT tools helps save both money and capacity”
Marc Charbonneau Systems Analyst at The University of Ottawa Heart Institute
"The project was completed on time and to client satisfaction. We now have 1162 agents deployed, with 6305 monitors and 5178 alerts."
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Manuel Sánchez Vicente Operation Manager en B2B.

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