Veeam backup replication

Plugin to pull data from Veeam Backup replication


Ver. 04-02-2022

With this plug-in we will be able to see data from our Veeam Backup environment such as the last backup performed, jobs, etc.

Type: Server or agent plug-in

Compatibility matrix

Systems where tested

CentOS 7, Fedora

Systems where it should work

Cualquier sistema linux 



Pre requisites


Generate a token for the Veeam backup API.
Requests library

Generate token

With veeam backup replication open with the chosen user, navigate to the following url:


* Default port: 9419

On the Veeam Backup & Replication REST API 1.0 page, expand the Login section and click POST api/oauth2/token.


In the expanded method window, click Test.

In the grant_type drop-down list, select password.

In the username and password fields, specify the credentials of a user created in Veeam Backup & Replication.


Click on Execute.

Wait for the response from the server. A successfully completed operation returns the response code 200. In the body of the response, Veeam Backup & Replication returns an access token, its expiration time and an update token.

* Remember that the duration of the access token is only 15 minutes.


Parameter Description
-t, --token API Token
-i,--ip ip of your veeam server
-g,--group Pandora FMS target group (optional)
--data_dir Pandora FMS data directory. By default it is /var/spool/pandora/data_in/ (optional)
--as_agent_plugin It's optional, if you want the plugin to be an agent plugin and put the modules in the pandora agent, execute this with a 1 (optional)

Manual execution

We can run the plugin manually to display an xml with the data on the screen.

python3 -i <ip with port> -t <token> --as_agent_plugin 1

pandoraveeamejecucion manual.png

Configuration in PandoraFMS

The best way to manage server plugins in Pandora is from "/usr/share/pandora_server/util/plugin" so we will send it to that path.

Then we will move to the folder where we have put it ("/usr/share/pandora_server/util/plugin" is the recommended one").

Remember: You have to install the dependencies that the Requests module needs in your system.

As a server plugin

We will go to servers > plugins:


Click on add:


Click on add:


We enter as command the path to the plugin, and as parameters the ones we have entered executing the plugin, the "_field_" fields are macros defined below.


We put for each macro the description that you prefer and as value the data of your ip and token.


Once this is done, if we execute the plugin from the terminal, the agent with the modules will have been created.


Modules generated by the plugin

The plugin will create 3 agents with several modules, the number of modules depends on your veeam environment as it will create one for each job created for example.