Generation of XML files to simulate agent load

There is a tool that comes configured with Pandora FMS to generate test data (pandora_xml_stress) and that generates XML. It has different options and in this directory is provided a configuration file and all the dictionaries and additional files to generate data of 150 agents, with pseudo-random names (like for example "7fb8a1a734c24cc22a5c75eb").

These agents are defined in the "pandora_xml_stress.agents" file. If you want less agents, you can delete elements in this file.

To execute the XML generation manually from the code repository:

 cd pandorafms/pandora_server/util/load
 perl ../ pandora_xml_stress.conf 

This will generate 150 XML in the /var/spool/pandora/data_in directory.

If you create a scheduled execution of this command every 5 minutes (e.g. through cron), keep in mind that if the PandoraFMS server stops, it could have hundreds of thousands of XML files pending to be processed.

Create /etc/cron.d/pandora_stress with this content:

  */5 * * * * root <putyourscripthere>

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