The lib folder that should contain files Deset_SAP_Plugin.jar,, sapjco3.jar and the jre folder (java runtime environment), should be in the same path where the plugin is executed. This folder is attached with the plugin in the package that can be downloaded from the Pandora FMS library.

Since the monitoring is done from outside the SAP system, it is necessary to ensure the communication with it.

Making use of the RFC functions, the connectivity is done from the equipment that executes the plugin (for example, the Pandora FMS server) and the gateway of the SAP system through the port 33XX TCP, being XX the number of the SAP system to which it is connected (by default the 3300 TCP). Therefore the range of possible connection ports will go from 3300 to 3399.

In order to be able to execute the RFC functions of the SAP system it will be necessary to have a user and password.

This user must be of type "B-System" (System) in SAP ECC or S/4HANA versions, or of type "C-Communication / CPI-C/RFC" in earlier SAP versions.

For the creation of the user in the SAP system, it will be necessary to have the following authorization objects:

Deset_SAP_Plugin is exclusive for Pandora FMS Enterprise customers that have contracted it. Therefore it is necessary to have a valid license key to run the plugin.

To obtain a valid license, please contact Pandora FMS team at:

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