Requirements for the use of the online installation tool.

Internet access. Specific web addresses:

To use the online installation tool simply access the command line provided by your provider in the Cloud, with root administrator user, and run:

For the case of using RHEL 8.x and Rocky Linux 8.x:

curl -sSL | bash

For the case of using Ubuntu server 22.04:

curl -SsL | bash

There is a similar online installation tool for the enterprise version of Pandora FMS that can be requested if you are already a user of this version through the support portal or through this link to get a free trial (demo). In addition, for the installation of Satellite server, there is also an online installer.

With this execution, the whole Pandora FMS stack will be installed, leaving a fully functional instance to start monitoring.


You can learn more in the video tutorial "Cloud installers (agents, server)".

Custom installation using the online installation tool

Although the above execution makes a complete installation of the environment, it is possible to define different modifiers through environment variables to customize the installation.

These modifiers are:

To use these environment variables it is enough to define them before executing the installation script, for example, in a RHEL 8 installation with defined variables execute the block:

env TZ='Europe/Madrid' \
 DBHOST='' \
 DBNAME='pandora' \
 DBUSER='pandora' \
 DBPASS='pandora' \
 DBPORT='3306' \
 DBROOTPASS='pandora' \
 MYVER=57 \
 sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"

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