Plugin Digital Ocean

Plugin to check data from your DigitalOcean account and your droplets.


Ver. 240521

With this plug-in we can see the data of your digital ocean account and your droplets.

It connects to the account via a token.

Type: Server plug-in

Compatibility matrix

Systems where it has been tested

CentOS 7

Systems where it should work

Any linux system


Required :



We will have to generate a token, which will be the key that will access through the api to the data of our account, this is generated in the following way.

Go to api from the digital ocean menu:


Click on generate new token :


We give it a name and the permissions we are interested in and we generate it:


Recuerda guardar bien el token porque solo saldrá una vez, si se extravía siempre se puede crear otro nuevo.

General plugin parameters

./pandora_digitalocean -t <token> [ -g <group> ] [ --data_dir <data_dir > ]

If the execution was successful we will see a '1' when the plugin is executed.



Plugin-specific parameters

The plug-in has the following parameters:



-h, --help

Displays a short help message

-t TOKEN, --token TOKEN

It is mandatory. To enter the token we have generated in digital ocean

-g GROUP, --group GROUP

Pandora FMS Target Group

--data_dir DATA_DIR

Pandora FMS data directory. By default it is /var/spool/pandora/data_in/


Help example :


Manual execution

We can test the plugin from the terminal to see if it works, to check it, we run the plugin: