Plugin to collect weather data and display them in PandoraFMS.


Ver. 22-08-2022

Plugin to collect weather data and display them in PandoraFMS.

Type: Server plug-in

Compatibility matrix

Systems where tested


Systems where it should work

Cualquier sistema linux 

Pre requisites


Parámeter Description
--lat Geographic coordinate (latitude).
--lon Geographic coordinate (longitude).
--key Your unique API key (you can always find it on your account page in the "api key" tab).
-g,--group Pandora FMS target group (optional)
--data_dir Pandora FMS data directory. By default it is /var/spool/pandora/data_in/ (optional)
--as_agent_plugin It is optional, if you want the plugin to be an agent plugin and put the modules in the pandora agent, execute this with a 1 (optional)

Manual execution

With an execution with "as_agent_plugin" in 1 we will be able to see the xml by terminal.

❯ ./pandora_openweathermap --lat <latitud> --lon <longitud> --key <api key> --as_agent_plugin 1


Configuration in PandoraFMS

Manual installation

Go to servers > plugins:



Click on add:


We put in name and the description that you prefer.

We put as command the execution with the path of the plugin:



Recuerda que la ruta recomendada para el uso de los plugins de servidor es: /usr/share/pandora_server/util/plugin/

And in plugin parameters we will introduce these followed by the macro "_field<N>_", the obligatory ones for the plugin to work are --lat, --lon and --key .

Once this is done, click on "create".

Once this is done, the only thing left to do is to call it so we will go to the view of some agent and create a plugin module:



We will give it a name and in the section "plugin" we will put the one we have just configured.

Once this is done, click on create.

If the module is shown with 1, it means that it is running correctly. 


Modules generated by the plugin

The plugin will create an agent with the following modules:

Current dt
Current sunrise
Current sunset
Current temp
Current feels like
Current pressure
Current humidity
Current dew point
Current wind speed
Current uvi
Current clouds
Current visibiity
Current wind deg
Current weather id
Current weather Main
Current weather description
Current weather icon



More info about these metrics in the openweathermap