Google Chat integration

Google Chat® (formerly Hangouts Chat®) is a secure instant messaging tool designed to facilitate business communications within the Google Workspace® ecosystem. Your teams collaborate via text, create collaborative chat rooms, share documents, make presentations, set up web conferences and, of course, it can be integrated with the Pandora FMS alert system.

Google Chat settings: chat room

Once you have logged in and have been identified with your user credentials, go to the chat room (or add a new one) where the Pandora FMS alert messages will be published. Click on Manage webhooks:


In the pop-up dialog box, name the webhook and, if desired, place a link to a public online image to better identify it (visually).


Click the Save button. Then it will show a summary with a link to the documentation about this technology and a blue button inviting to create another webhook; copy the webhook identifier link as it will be used to configure Pandora FMS in the next page.



Pandora FMS configuration: creation of an alert command

Open a terminal window and access the Pandora FMS server. Download (and unzip) from the Pandora FMS library the Google Chat connector CLI in the following path:


Or in a location that Pandora FMS server can access. You should have installed python3 (with the modules argparse, requests and json) and python3-pip to be able to use the program. Once you have installed both, with the pip3 command you must install the requirements or dependencies (minimum versions) with the following instruction:

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

In the file test-exec.txt you will find an example that you can reuse to configure the alert command. It is recommended that from the same terminal window you send a basic test message to the chat room, for example:


Messages can be further elaborated by additional parameters, compare with the following example:

image-1629798656767.pngGo to the Pandora FMS Web Console and click on Alerts -> Commands -> Create.


With the help of the text that is in the file test-exec.txt complete the following fields, pay attention in the second field where you will copy the link identifier obtained in the previous page, make sure to mark its content as hidden in Pandora FMS:


Click on the Create button to save the alert command.

Pandora FMS configuration: creating an alert action

The alert actions allow you to define how to launch the command. Go to menu Alerts -> Actions -> Create.


Select in Command the alert command created on the previous page, the fields will be filled in automatically. However, you can always customize the icons for Triggering and Recovery events, for example.


To save click on Create. To apply this action to either a Module or Policy, set up an alert template for this purpose.

You can get more information in the video tutorial «Create alerts in Google Chat with Pandora FMS».