Apache performance plugin

plugin to monitor apache



With this plug-in we will be able to monitor our apache server.

Type: Agent plug-in

Compatibility matrix

Systems where it has been tested

CentOS 7

Systems where it should work

Any linux system




To install wget on centOS, we use the following command :

yum install wget

To check that it is installed we use:

rpm -qa | grep wget

We will also need to enable status in the apache configuration file, in centOS this is in :

cd /etc/httpd/conf


Open it and add the following :

ExtendedStatus On
<Location /server-status> SetHandler server-status Order deny,allow
Deny from all
Allow from <Pandora-Server-IP>


then, we restart apache:



Manual execution

./apache_plugin <url-server-status>

will return an xml with data:


Configuration in pandora

In the pandora terminal, once downloaded, we will move it to the /etc/pandora/plugins folder, which is where we place the agent plugins.

We will give permissions to the file with :

chmod 755 apache_plugin

Then we go to the pandora agent, located in /etc/pandora, open the conf and at the bottom we put :

module_plugin apache_plugin (apache_url_to_server_status)


In the enterprise version we will be able to do it by remote configuration.

Once this is done, we update the agent and the modules will be created:


Modules generated by the plugin

The following modules will be created in the pandora agent:

Apache : Busy workers
Apache: Bytes per second
Apache: Number of idle workers
Apache: Reloads
Apache: Requests per second
Apache: Restart time
Apache: System CPU usage
Apache: Total acesses
Apache: Uptime
Apache: User CPU usage