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ERROR when updating or editing agent
Hi I have very unusual problem in pandoraFMS

I am signed with admin user 
And when I want to edit existing agent i get this


There was a problem updating the agent"

When I want to add alarm i get


Could not be created"

As you can see I am restricted somehow to modify existing agents. What can I suppose to do? 
I have no problem creating new agents, but when i edit them i get this error.

Thanks for your time
[Image: hka3cp]

I was searching same threads, so I found one and that gave me solution for my 2nd problem, now I can create alarm, but 1st problem is still an issue.

I can't update agent info at all. Once it is created I can not modify only error i got.


There was a problem updating the agent"
Hi basiachiki,

Can you say me the version of your Pandora FMS server?
If is possible, can you show me the content of the Pandora server log?

Best regards,


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